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story by '67 man

As opposed to my last two visits to VW-Euro, I was an early bird this year. My wife and I arrived at the VW-Euro side on saturday 11 September. Not just for VW-Euro but also to spend a short holiday. Since we were at the campsite all week, we learned that the event is actualy starting on thursday! The first visitors (mostly visitors from far away: Scandinavians and some British people). These early arrivals had to entertain themselves for a day and a half since the activities were to start on friday evening.

As you may know if you visited last year's VW-Euro LIVE! the friday evening was drive-in movie evening. This year, they had 'Rush Hour' but the show it self was presented in a low pace with as much as three major interrupts due to power failures. Each power failure was greeted by loud horns and flashlights from the numerous VWs of the spectators.

The internet set-up this year was meant to be more professional than last years and I think it worked out well (once some problems with concurrent ISDN usage were solved). The live images are provided with a better cam and improved flexability.

The VW-gods must have been with us since the sun was bright all saturday, as opposed to friday, the day of arrival for most guests. This bright sun gave all of the events that little extra (except for the off-road, they had to settle for a lot less mud than last year).

At the market, the usual mix of old parts, new (or repro) parts and merchandise was sold. There were also some complete VWs for sale ranging from a man just wanting to sell his own home-made T3 camper to a professional trying to sell a lot of rust in the shape of a barn door bus as an 'oer bus'.

At 16:50h I think the VW-Euro organisation can allready look back on a succesfull first two days.

Peter van der Zanden

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