Saturday 21:00

story by Ronald Schouw and Tina Hoogstraaten

News from VW Euro 1999 Here some news from two visitors of the Vw Euro at Sevenum.

We left our hometown Rotterdam friday afternoon at two o´clock. We arrived at about half past four in our bus. Our ´74 bay window did the aircooled trick again , fortunately!!

Ronald immediately started to take digital pictures with his digital camera, his new toy!! He and Pim tried to gave a very nice impression of the VW Euro on the internet, to be precisely on this very site. He took pictures of various people in their cars, the offroad spectacle and the market. What beauty´s we met!!!!Very old and original beetles, very cool and fast beetles, busses you name it! Of course there was time to relax in the sun, the weather is really great loads and loads of sun so the camping site is also a nice place to be.

Well, this is about it!!In about half an hour the partynight starts so I´ll make an end to it. If you´re interested check our homepage for more VW Euro report.
VW Busstop site

This is our red van

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