Sunday 16:20

story by the '67 man

This is my last report from VW-Euro 1999. It is now close to 16:30h and the exodus has started. Almost as much fun to watch as the arrivals on friday, the exodus is a long caravan of aircooleds some with a caravan, some with a travelsleeper and some just packed with goods.

The sunday started early with the 'coffee crew' going round, makeing noise to wake people and then supply them with free coffee or tea. It is a lot of fun but not appreciated by everyone. Plenty of pictures of the wake-up round are on-line.

Once everyone was awake, the events begun: Sprint and a 'show and shine' were first. The 'show and shine' had some very nice cars on display. The weather was reasonable (but not as good as yesterday). After visiting the 'show and shine' - known as 'Concours 'd elegance' here - I returned to the market and did some shopping.

I returned with a gift for myself: 2 tone 6V horns. As I am writing, the people around me are relaxing and looking back at a succesfull VW-Euro. On behalf of the entire VW-Euro LIVE! crew I want to thank you for your visit and we hope to see you again next year either on-line or in the flesh.

Peter van der Zanden

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