2005: Spring Swapmeet, Heusden
2004: "Six Flags", Biddinghuizen
2004: Spring Swapmeet, Heusden
2003: "Six Flags", Biddinghuizen
2004: Spring Swapmeet, Panningen
2002: "De Vosberg", Panningen
2001: "Six Flags", Biddinghuizen
2000: "Six Flags", Biddinghuizen
1999: "De Schatberg", Sevenum
1998: "De Schatberg", Sevenum
1997: "De Schatberg", Sevenum
1996: "De Berckt", Baarlo
1995: "De Berckt", Baarlo
1994: "De Berckt", Baarlo
1993: "De Berckt", Baarlo
1992: "De Berckt", Baarlo
1991: "De Berckt", Baarlo
1990: "Eiland van Maurik", Maurik
1989: "Eiland van Maurik", Maurik
1988: "Eiland van Maurik", Maurik
1987: "Eiland van Maurik", Maurik
1986: "Eiland van Maurik", Maurik
VW Euro is no more.
On Friday januari 14th 2005 the VW Euro organising committee and representatives of the Dutch VW-clubs (the VW Euro foundation is a cooperation of these clubs) decided that it's no longer possible to organise the meeting. The main reason behind this decision is financial. We have been making a loss on the show for the last few years. Raising the takings (i.e. raising the entry- and camping-fees) has proven to be a non-option. (ex) VW Euro visitors already regarded our current rates as high. Cutting back on organisational costs will affect the quality of the show. Finding sponsors and foremost voluanteers (who do all the hard work) is also becomming a bigger, impossible, task. Getting money from the clubs is also not possible.

VW Euro is not broke.
But the financial reserves are not big enough to organise the 20th edition.
An old chinese proverb: "If you've finished the book, you should close it" (from Herbie, the love bug). So that's exactly what we are going to do. Despite earlier announcements there will be no VW Euro during the 3rd weekend of september 2005.

Possible comeback.
There will definately be no VW Euro comeback.
VW Euro based on the current organisation will not make a comeback. But it's not unthinkable that in the future somebody will try to organise a meeting under the name VW Euro. The current organising committee can't do anything about this. Should such an organisation arise, it won't be with the same principles and goals that we've used to organise VW Euro for the last 19 years.

What is going to happen to the current VW Euro organisation?
As far as we can tell right now, the complete VW Euro organisation will be dismanteld. Maybe we will keep the spring swapmeet alive. During the last VW Euro comittee meeting a proposal was made by the KCN to form a contact-group with all the dutch VW clubs. To make sure that the clubs keep working together where possible. All attending clubs were enthousiastic about this idea. This group will not organise a show like VW Euro, but the spring swapmeet maybecome part of this organisation.

The current VW Euro organisation.
The organising commitee will fall apart and everybody will follow their own path. This without revenge of bad feelings towards the comittee or eachother. We all look back on a beautifull era. On behalf of the parting organisation I would like to thank everybody who has every helped to organise or visited VW Euro. We can truely say that it's the end of an era for the aricooled VW scene.

Let me also wish everybody a good future and lot's of succes with aircooled VWs. See you at a VW show somwhere in Europe!

Hans Sprenkels
Chairman of VW Euro Nederland

Check out the Facebook group 'VW EURO foto's en filmpjes van toen' for more pictures and video's of VW Euro.

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